Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Closet of..... RENOVATIONS

Hey guys! I am going to redo this blog.. again! YAY! I am totally psyched this time. Hence the new border, this blog is now officially "Under Construction" I will be deleting some useless posts, adding some new ones, updating my blog roll list, and changing the new colors/ getting a new header.When I finish with all of this, this blog will be 1000000 times better. Oh also thanks Luna Supernova for some pointers on how to make my blog better! I really appreciate them!


A NICOLE <3 said...

can you tell me the brand of the shirt "ter"?


Athena. said...

ahaha your blog is lovely :)
it sounds so energetc and fun when you write things ahha,

A NICOLE <3 said...

syd isnt it weird her name is athena?