Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Closet of..... BIRTHDAYS

Well its that time of year again!

No not Christmas.... My birthday!

As I promised you in my last post, this will be totally fashion related. I even drew a stupid birthday picture to match it! YAYYYY. Well you must be thinking that I have some amazing outfit planned for today right? Wrong. I have nothing. Its a gym day, which mean nothing flowey, with zippers, and must be sneakers. I was think of a cute top with leggings, but I dont have a cute top!

Also, I want to do sort of a "tip of the post" type thing. Like, at the end of each post, there will be a different fashion/music/makeup/life tip! =] I just think its a good idea.
When applying concealer under your eyes with your finger use your ring finger to apply it. The reason is because its the finger you have the least control over, so you wont be putting on as much pressure and makeup as you would with you pointer finger. You also wont pull your skin as much... and pulling your skin and pressing makeup into your skin give you wrinkles and clogged pores!

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A NICOLE <3 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVEEEE<3 hopee you had the best onee and i hope you loved my hug i gave you in school todayyy!