Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Closet of..... A NEW PLAN

Instead of renovations I was thinking of a new blog? I just don't think this blog is as good as it could be and I always think fresh new starts are the best. Like lets say you're drawing a picture, and you erase it, and draw it again, and erase it, after awile you see pencil marks, the page is all rinkly and you just want to get a new fresh paper and start over! well this is how I feel with blogs aha. Anyways, I just went on a shopping spree at F21, and got some major stuff. I bought 3 headbands that I totally love, a red loose longsleeve tee, a grey loose shirt with black feathers painted on. Some more tees, and a cute pair of cheap earrings. Oh and I am also insaly obsessed with my new fringe bag. I think I have an obsession with fringes. I own now fringe shoes, a fringe dress, fringe bracelett, and a fringe bag! Ahhhhh I need help. Back to teh topic on F21, I am very upset, I wen't there specifically for short club dresses and all of them didn't fit me! They didn't carry much. Also some quick news, saterday I am leaving for Costa Rrrrrrrica. [that was supposed to be like me rolling my R's]. I am psyched to pretend to get tan. Why pretend you ask? Oh well, my skin only burns, never tans, and when my mom puts SPF 65 sunscreen all over my body, its kinda hard to get color. Well thats all for now!