Monday, January 12, 2009

My Closet of..... MAKEUP

I just realized that I haven't done a post on makeup yet, and makeup is like.. my favorite subject. I just love the whole concept of makeup. I am really into art and drawing, so I feel makeup is like drawing on your face almost. Like you face is a blank piece a paper, and you color it with makeup. I love how glamorous it is and I love to watch makeup shows put on makeup. It sound so weird but the strokes of the brush are so smooth and everything is just so pretty! =]

I am sorry about my ramblings on how much I love makeup but I truly do. I don't know if I even mentioned it, but a few weeks back my friend got me some really like plum eyeliner. I wore it for the first time yesterday to school. To bad I left early first period because I was sick :P. Eh, its always good to have a nice day of rest in bed with soap opera re-runs on right? Well at least I think so...

Well that's it for today! Goodbye ladies :)


When testing out blushes and other highly pigmented makeups, dont use your finger as an example of how it will come out. The reson is because much more comes out on your finger then on a brush wiping onto your skin. A finger is direct contact, but a brush is touching the brush, THAN your skin. Also, your finger is a different skin tone then your face.

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Mary said...

Thank you, I am so terrible when it comes to make up! Especially blush.