Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Closet of..... CUPCAKES

Well I am truly sorry. I just read my last post and it sounded like I was writing a book report. That's what school does to me, as you can see. This post I will try to put more life into :).

To start off today was wonderful! I made some lovely designs, and some yummy chocolate cupcakes! I had made 24, but then my brother decided to have friends over and well, lets just say there are only 13 left. I m very proud of myself though for making them! The last time I baked something I took it out of the oven, and it was all black and burnt. Not the greatest cookies I've ever had, I'll tell you that much. xD

For New Years Eve one of my friends is coming over to celebrate with me. Not so much fun, but hay, until a few hours ago I was stuck with nothing. I wish I could dress up like all of you fashionistas, but its not the proper occasion. I want to wish all of you a Happy and Healthy New Years and to have lots of fun!

The last thing I want to say before I head off to bed, is that I will be skiing for the rest of the vacation after new years! I will try to get awesome picture of the snow and post lots while I'm there!

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 29, 2008

My Closet of..... THIRTEEN

Last night I went to see the Broadway show "Thirteen". I was very surprised how good it was. The whole cast was kids, not one adult. Same with the Orchestra. It was really funny and I think anyone would enjoy it. The music is also great to listen to and their voices are so good. If I was reviewing it, I would give it 7 stars out of ten, because it was pretty short.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Closet of..... My Winter Needs

BURTS BEES BEESWAX LIP BALMis basicallt the best stuff for your lips in the winter! I always use it, it last long, and it makes your lips tingle. Even though it is expensive for drugstore lipbalms, its worth it. The only thing I don't like about this porduct is that when you mush your lips together it doesn't slip like lipgloss, because there is no oil in it.

DIGITAL CAMERASare so important to have in the winter. They capture all of those fun moments in the snow,and tere is such great scenery everywhere, theat yu just have to take some snapshot on the winter!

SCARVESare so amazing for any season. Especially winter. They are so comfy and chic, and you can wear them with everything. Also, if you get cold in school, you can spread them out and use them as a blanket. They are one of my favorite winter accesories.

BANGLESmake my day on a yucky rainy morning in the winter. Everytime you movie they jingle, and they are so cute looking. I love how really big sized bangles layer on my wrist. I dont have much to say about them, but that you should definatly get a pair!

ITOUCHis the best gift I ever got. If your family is still holiday shopping, get one NOW! They are SO amazing. I might blab a bit much on this item. They have internet, photos, music, stocks, youtube, AMAZING games, notes, basically everything you want in one little IPod. My favorite part about it is the slide to unlock it. I know, dorky right? But its SO much fun. All of the graphics are so cool, and to make them all so much cooler, they are touch screen.

<3 Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 26, 2008

My Closet of..... VINTAGE SHOES

If the shoe fits.. wear it! So, after doing some holiday returns with my mom today we decided to stop by my grandmothers house! I am SO GLAD that we did because she was in the middle of getting rid of the heels she couldn't wear anymore. What a GREAT way to start the new year with some vintage heels! She had metallic silver pumps from when she was a teen, and the shoes in the picture above were from when she was in her 20's. They fit perfectly and I love them SO much. Happy holidays everyone!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Closet of..... CHRISTMAS

Well, me being stupid and forgettable, I forgot to bring my camera to the city last night! First, we went to see Wicked on Broadway. It was me and my moms second time, but my brother and my dads first. It was a GREAT experience seeing it again. I love how clever it is that they made a prequel of the Wizard Of Oz. Anyway, after that my family walked around NYC, and looked at the windows of Lord and Taylor, and then Sacs. They were BEAUTIFUL! I loved all of the detailing, and how Sacs could take a story, and make it moving and real in their windows. After that, we visited the "famous" NYC Christmas tree. It was one of the best Christmas eve's ever and I'm not even Christian! :)

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Closet of..... LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT?

Well, since Chanukah's is tomorrow, [I'm Jewish] I thought it would be a really
great idea to post some things on my Chanukah list :).

1. Minnetonka Women's High Top Zip Boots
In either black suede, dusty brown suede, or brown suede.

These ankle boots are SO cute. Every time I see them I want them so badly. I love how they are really original. In school people wear fringed boots every day. I really love the look but I want to bee original, not like every one else. So I searched online some boots that have fringes, but aren't as popular as the ones I see all the time They are also a good price at $44.95.

2. Bose SoundDock Portable Digital Music System
In white.

These speakers are a necessity for me these days now that my old speaker broke. The are perfect for me and my room. I have a fairly large room, so I really need good sound quality for my music, and the remote works perfect when I am on the other side of my room and I don't want to get up. With my old speakers, I have to wiggle the wire to get it to work, change the sound to match the sound on my ITouch, and to change the song I would have to get up and wiggle the wire until it worked again. Even though the are expensive at $472, they are worth it because of the sound quality. I also don't think I mentioned its portable, and works with DVD players.

3. Canon Digital Camera
In silver, black, or blue.

I have been meaning to get a new digital camera and I figured Chanukah would be the perfect time to do so! I currently have the Kodak EasyShare C300, which was one of the very fist digital cameras. Compared to most of my friends cameras, it now looks like a big bulky piece of metal with a tiny little screen and poor image quality. So, I am getting this camera in replace of my old one. I went to the store with my dad today to test it out, can the focus is really great. The camera itself is super small and easy to fit in your pocket. Its an okay price at $199.99.

Well, that's it, Happy holidays and a Happy New year to everyone! :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

My Closet of..... DOODLES AND SHREK

Well, I saw Shrek on Broadway today! I must say, its was a great expirience. The songs just made you want to get up and dance and the acting was great. =] This is just a quick post. Last night after I doodled that picture I doodled some more so here...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Closet of..... ART AND BOREDOM


I know I haven't been on in a really long time. I PROMISE that after jan. 24 this blog will be SO much better. I will have alot more free time to post, so just wait. Anyways, I am going to see Shrek on broadway tomorow, so I will post about it when I get back! :) I am wearing a really cute blue plad scarf that my friend just got me for secret snowman, a white shirt with a bunch of old TV show cartoons randomly printed on it, light pink leggings, some old black leather boots and possibley a jean vest. I have a HUMONGO science exam tomorow that I should be studying for, but instead I was doodling this. I dont even know what it is, its a new style of mine. Really skinny/tall demented models. I kind of like it :) Please tell me what you think... By the way, mostly everything on this blog was drawn by me.
Good night!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Closet of..... BELTS

Today I was in a little boutique around my town just browsing for random accessories, and I saw the CUTEST belt. Now, I am not a big fan of belts, and I only have two, a black thin leather one, and a Caramel colored leather coach belt, but this one I just HAD to get. It was so unlike any other belt I had ever seen. It was beaded and stretchy, and had all different designs on it. So I bought it, and now it is proudly hanging in my closet. I wonder what to wear it with.. well, we will just have to wait and see...


Disclaimer: Everything in the drawing above was designed by me except for the belt. Please do not use any of it unless you ask permission first. Thank you.