Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Closet of..... My Winter Needs

BURTS BEES BEESWAX LIP BALMis basicallt the best stuff for your lips in the winter! I always use it, it last long, and it makes your lips tingle. Even though it is expensive for drugstore lipbalms, its worth it. The only thing I don't like about this porduct is that when you mush your lips together it doesn't slip like lipgloss, because there is no oil in it.

DIGITAL CAMERASare so important to have in the winter. They capture all of those fun moments in the snow,and tere is such great scenery everywhere, theat yu just have to take some snapshot on the winter!

SCARVESare so amazing for any season. Especially winter. They are so comfy and chic, and you can wear them with everything. Also, if you get cold in school, you can spread them out and use them as a blanket. They are one of my favorite winter accesories.

BANGLESmake my day on a yucky rainy morning in the winter. Everytime you movie they jingle, and they are so cute looking. I love how really big sized bangles layer on my wrist. I dont have much to say about them, but that you should definatly get a pair!

ITOUCHis the best gift I ever got. If your family is still holiday shopping, get one NOW! They are SO amazing. I might blab a bit much on this item. They have internet, photos, music, stocks, youtube, AMAZING games, notes, basically everything you want in one little IPod. My favorite part about it is the slide to unlock it. I know, dorky right? But its SO much fun. All of the graphics are so cool, and to make them all so much cooler, they are touch screen.

<3 Happy Holidays!


Belle said...

Great list. I love Bert's Bees.

Taylor said...

your blog is really cute!
i love scarves!