Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Closet of..... PURFUMES

Hey guys. Today I was looking online for some nice smelling purfumes to buy. I already own Happy clinique and Ralph Lauren Rocks. I much perfer RLR because it smells so fresh and friuty, but has a tint of vanilla. HC really bothers me. It smells good one week, then the next it smells like moldy grass! I have not used that one for a while because of its sudden changes in smell. Also, how much purfume do you guys put on in the morning? I put two squirts on my left wrist, the rub it against my right. After I spray two spritz on my neck. I also wanna know some of your purfumes.


1 comment:

Ragamala said...

do you wear RLR a lot?
I was considering possibly buying it.