Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Closet of..... BUTTON BRACELETS

Welcome to my closet of button braclets. ^^ This "trend" started in my sleep away camp. Everyone was making so much of them, that every two days we ran out of buttons, and we didn't order new ones in for about a week! It was like a button famine! Anyway, you had to get there fast on monday, and the arts and crafts place was PACKED. It was always hard to get the colorful ones, because everyone loved them. There were also some unique ones, with designs built into then, or cut out, or letters! Who knew people could be that excited to take some buttons and putem on a string, huh? Well, I think they are truly wonderful if you ask me. Those to the left are the only ones I could find, but I made 9 all together. There is a red, white, and pink one, a yellow, gold, and white one, a rainbow one, and a tannish-beige and red one. On the right is the yellow one on my arm. I just bought some buttons the other day, and I am hoping to make some more. ^^ If you are interested, you can ask me anytime how to make them, and I will be glad to help!

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Sam said...

cool bracelets!
and i linked you