Sunday, August 24, 2008


So today me and my friends and our moms took a stroll into a nice little store called "Forever 21". Since it would be very boring to hear me blab about everything I tried on, I will tell you about one perticular incedent. So I tried on a black pencil skirt which looked great on me. My mom went out to look for it in brown while I was unzipping it and outting on the next clothing article on the rack. I pulled the zipper down about an inch, but it wouldn't budge! I tugged and tugged, and the rest of the zipper broke open, but the zipper was still stuck at the top. So my mom the saleswomen, and me are all trying to get the skirt off of me while scary old women looked at us like we were nuts. The we tried to pull the skirt off over my head, and it wouldn't even fit over my chest. So the saleswomen finally told us to cut it. Luckly, my mom was carrying around a pocket knife, and while she was cutting, the scissors broke. MY LUCK. So then a few minutes later the saleswomen found a pair of scissors and we cut off the skirt. She didn't have a nametag either. That bothers me. And that was my great day of shopping! :)

LESSON LEARNED: Always carry around a pair of scissors in your purse.


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